“MONSTRUM” at Gallery Provocateur & 44FLOOD


Very excited to be a part of this and if you are around definitely show up!


Gallery Provocateur & 44FLOOD 
present “MONSTRUM” 
A group show exploring monsters from our collective psyche.
Curated by Kasra Ghanbari & Veronika Kotlajic.

Including artwork from the following masters:
Ben Templesmith
Vincent Castiglia
David Stoupakis
Colin Christian
Scott Radke
Jonathan Way$hak
Guillermo Rigattieri
Chet Zar
Ver Mar
Matthew Levin
Allan Amato
Aaron Ryan
Jim Mahfood
Shane Pierce
Rory Coyne
Shawn Hughes
Zmiya Mochoruk
Tim Roosen
Lina Hsiao
George Pratt
Christopher Mitten
Jed Leiknes
Tony Moy
Riley Rossmo
Richard A. Kirk
Esther Garcia
Charles Moesch
David Richardson/Clive Barker
Chris Guarino
Simon Wolak
Patrice Hubert
John Santerineross
Tim Bruckner
Matt Lombard
Mike Stidham

Music by Joseph Allen Black’s Midnight Spookshow

Ghoulishy sexy burlesque performances by The Kiss Kiss Cabaret

Special host Reverend Chicagodom

*costumes & creative attire encouraged*

Food and libations from by Ringo Japanese Kitchen & Original Sin Cider
$5 suggested donation at door to benefit the not for profit art space

“From the Fire Pit: Glimmers” Opening Night

I had a great night at the opening and I’m glad so many came by to share that experience. I can’t thank my friends and family enough for the constant support whether near or far. Without you I would not have gotten as far, met my wife, have our dogs, and so many other things. Now that both Lauren and my shows are up and mostly out of our hands we can concentrate on some great projects. There are exciting things ahead and when the time comes you will know about them. . . I know many of you are patiently waiting to hear.

Also for those of you who could not make the opening and would like to stop by please set up a time with me, the gallery, or stop on by on Sundays.




Tonight! From the Fire Pit: Glimmers

Not only am I excited to see the work on the walls and lit, with all the lettering etc, but I can’t wait to see you as well! Many of you were at Lauren Levato Coyne‘s amazing show, so I’m grateful that you also want to come out again tonight! I can’t thank you enough for your support and constant conversations, because if there is anything lacking in Chicago it certainly is not the community. See you at Galerie Fledermaus!

Galerie Fledermaus
2136 W. North Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60647
Website: galeriefledermaus.com
Gallery Hours: Sunday 12-6 p.m. or by Appointment / Admission: FreeFor interviews please contact the artist directly at coyneart@me.com

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Solo Exhibition Reception September 6


From the Fire Pit: Glimmers

“The light of the blazing fire combined with the dark, gloomy shadows by the hearth to transmit sharp contrasts, shaping the expectations of listeners and inspiring the tellers.” 

-Maria Tatar, Chair of the Committee on Degrees in Folklore and Mythology at Harvard University

The fire pit or hearth is a setting that is thousands of years old, and you can feel that connection through the ages. It’s not just the fire itself, but what it provides: a place to gather with family and friends and the perfect situation to talk and dream. Stories are born here, histories told, and heritage handed down masked in allegories, myths, and grandiose creatures.

“I’m discovering my characters and revealing them one by one stripped from any surrounding in order to focus on just them. They will grow and mature, and take part in many sagas. Some already have, some have just come to be, and many have yet to come to life. They are the sparks that start the fire, a glimmer of what’s to come,” said Coyne.

Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, September 6, 6–9 p.m. From the Fire Pit: Glimmers is on display through September 28, 2014.

Galerie Fledermaus
2136 W. North Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60647
Website: galeriefledermaus.com
Gallery Hours: Sunday 12-6 p.m. or by Appointment / Admission: Free
For interviews please contact the artist directly at coyneart@me.com


Formerly known as Century Guild Chicago, as of August 1, 2014 the gallery is now known as Galerie Fledermaus. “Fledermaus” is German for “bat,” referencing the Symbolist works from Germany, and Austria, and is still under the directorship of Jerry Suqi. Galerie Fledermaus specializes in 19th and 20th century Symbolist works , and a select group of contemporary figurative artists. 
image: “Glimmer Four,” Oil on Linen, 28″x22″, 2014

Working away!

The summer is in full swing which means September is lurking just around the corner. I’m working hard towards my solo show at Galerie Fledermaus (formerly know as Century Guild Chicago). It will be a wonderful collection of paintings that will continue the story telling, but will have a different look. I’m exploring characters and focusing solely on them. Backgrounds have been removed and my process left bare. They are Glimmers waiting for
their story.


While you are patiently waiting for September you can see my contribution for the “Curator’s Choice: 10th National Self Portrait Exhibition” at the Zhou B Art Center on July 18th (Day before my birthday).  Nothing like a self portrait to celebrate another year of my life.  This show will have a lot of great artists I admire and have come to know over the last several years, including of course my amazing wife, Lauren Levato Coyne.  Read more about about it on Sergio Gomez’s blog here.  So come out and celebrate with me!


Stellar list of artists in PoetsArtist Magazine

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 1.49.15 PMAn amazing lineup of 98 stellar artist in this issue curated by our wonderful friend Daniel Maidman. I’m truly honored to be listed among artists I greatly admire. Be sure to go to http://www.poetsandartists.com/substance-curated-issue to check it out. It’s a who’s who of figurative artists.

“A diverse survey of some of the most exciting visual art of the past several years. Hailing from around the world, 98 artists and 5 poets, from the emerging to the legendary, showcase their work. Including drawing and painting, photography and printmaking, collage and sculpture, the art represents a broad spectrum of styles, methods, and concepts. The artists are linked by talent, creativity, dedication, and a vivid sense of celebration of the potential of the visual arts.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 1.50.04 PM10365641_718440668197239_4584050327955604788_o


fixationFixation is an exhibition and a publication of art and poetry focused on the physical or psychological preoccupation or obsession over an object or subject. Also as a focus of something that will capture our attention.

Fixation takes place in a gallery setting, print and digital formats. The exhibition is curated by Sergio Gomez of Chicago’s Zhou B Art Center (www.zbcenter.org) and Didi Menendez of PoetsArtists Magazine.


Contributing Artists

  • Cesar Santos
  • Denis Peterson
  • Tim Okamura
  • Terri Thomas
  • Eloy Morales
  • Daena Title
  • Nadine Robbins
  • Daniel Ochoa
  • Ivonne Bess
  • Ryan Shultz
  • Michelle Buchanan
  • Jennifer Koe
  • Brianna Angelakis
  • Tracey Stuckey
  • Rory Coyne
  • Lauren Levato
  • Matthew Ivan Cherry
  • Brian Busch
  • Nick Ward
  • Jaime Valero Perandones
  • Karen Kaapcke
  • Patrick Earl Hammie
  • Miranda Graham
  • Harry Sudman
  • Marcos Raya
  • Ernesto Marenco

Contributing Poets

  • Richard Blanco
  • Denise Duhamel
  • Nin Andrews
  • Reb Livingston
  • Ana Menendez
  • Ken Taylor
  • Emma Trelles
  • Grace Cavalieri
  • John Korn
  • Terry Lucas
  • Sarah Blake
  • Kathleen Kirk
  • Tara Betts
  • Sam Rasnake
  • David Krump
  • Geof Huth
By Denise Duhamel, John Korn, Ana Menendez, Geof Huth, Kathleen Kirk, Sam Rasnake, David Krump, Terry Lucas, Richard Blanco, Nin Andrews, Ken Taylor




MARCH: PENUMBRA: An International Exhibition Showcasing Contemporary Surrealism Albuquerque artist Archer Dougherty curated this exhibition of contemporary surreal drawings and paintings.  Dougherty had the artists explore the meaning of the word penumbra using a greyscale palette. A ‘penumbra‘ is the ghostly halo of shadow that surrounds a region of complete darkness. The images in this exhibition are refined and delicate, yet bordering on the grotesque and frightening elements of human, animal, and spiritual realms. The artwork in PENUMBRA brings together classical portraiture, chiaroscuro, and contemporary surrealism that represent the artists’ innate spiritual, emotional, and intellectual forces.
Twenty-five international artists, ranging from Europe to the United States to Indonesia, are coming together to present their ideas relating to shadows, darkness, and everything in between. Artist List:


Stefano Alcantara – US
Felideus Bubastis – Spain
Laurie Lee Brom – US
Carlos Burgos – England
Stephen Cefalo – US
Damien Chavez – US
Craww – England
Rory Coyne – US
Bastien Lecouffe Deharme – France
Brian Despain – Guam
Archer Dougherty – US
Jel Ena – US
Aaron Jasinski – US
Aunia Kahn – USChristopher de Leon – US
Travis Lewis – US
Tom Mead – England
Jim McKenzie – US 
Scott Musgrove – US
Angel Perez – US
Jason Snyder – US 
Dika Toolkit – Indonesia
Olivier Villoingt – France 
Leonardo Villasenor – US
Jessica Ward – US 
John Wentz – US 


Exhibition dates: March 7 – 29, 2014


First Friday Reception: March 7, 2014 from 5 to 8PM

Matrix Fine Art
3812 Central Ave SE, Suite 100 A
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108
USA (505)268-8952


The Excellent Unreal

Our wonderful friend Daniel Maidman wrote a fantastic article on our show Symbiosis for the Huffington Post (You can read the full article here).

“I think we, we of this school, who grew up on science fiction and fantasy pictures, are seeking out older mythological and magical material because it often comes from makers skilled at endowing their fantastical images with human mass. We are turning to their idioms in our attempts to reclaim this heritage.

It’s difficult work, and most of the time the results are stilted and fetishistic. They belong on the cover of a yellowing paperback. But some of our lot are making good progress. In my humble opinion, Levato Coyne and Coyne are doing it well. So that’s where my soft spot comes from. I like what they do, and I like how they’re doing it. I hope they have many years of happy work ahead of them, and I look forward to seeing where they go.”

-Daniel Maidman


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A Tale of Two Dragons

We were interviewed (Lauren as the voice) by Emily Haines from New Holland Brewing Co. Restaurant & Pub about Symbiosis and our love for Dragon’s Milk.


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“Lauren and Rory’s passionate pursuit of all things awesome culminates this weekend as they open their new exhibit – Symbiosis at Century Guild Chicago. The opening reception is on October 12 (7:00-10:00pm) and (you guessed it) there will be plenty of Dragon’s Milk on hand. The exhibit runs October 12 – November 24.”

Click the link for the full blog post.