Artist Statement

At it’s core my work work deals with self-identity and other-ness. They are psychological revelations layered in symbolism and mythology – the truth is there, but it might also be in the shape of a snake woman or a horse-headed man. Characters glamoured with animal heads and limbs reflect the myriad reactions and emotions of abandonment, disappointment, struggle, and independence that arise from experiences of traumatic events with life-long and life- altering impacts.

Through interviews, participatory photoshoots, and continuous dialogue I work in direct collaboration with my models. Primarily they are based in LGBTQI identities including issues surrounding equal rights, queerness, and feminism. I layer multicultural mythologies with personalized symbolism into the contemporary narratives presented by my subjects.

The visual work is accompanied by stories of various genders, sexualities, and race through interviews and constant dialogue with my sitters. Having and sharing conversations with people who have faced different traumas and conflicts and educating viewers of the fluidity of identity and all its incredible diversity and struggle.