Stellar list of artists in PoetsArtist Magazine

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 1.49.15 PMAn amazing lineup of 98 stellar artist in this issue curated by our wonderful friend Daniel Maidman. I’m truly honored to be listed among artists I greatly admire. Be sure to go to to check it out. It’s a who’s who of figurative artists.

“A diverse survey of some of the most exciting visual art of the past several years. Hailing from around the world, 98 artists and 5 poets, from the emerging to the legendary, showcase their work. Including drawing and painting, photography and printmaking, collage and sculpture, the art represents a broad spectrum of styles, methods, and concepts. The artists are linked by talent, creativity, dedication, and a vivid sense of celebration of the potential of the visual arts.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 1.50.04 PM10365641_718440668197239_4584050327955604788_o


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