Too Damn Long. . .




So as the title has clearly stated, it has been too damn long since I have written about my work or what I have been up to.  In the last few months, there have been some significant changes including that we have moved out of our studios at FM*Gallery in order to save some money before my fiancée and myself move to a larger apartment that will be both living space as well as studio.  It’s something we have been really looking forward to to actually combine our studios and have it right where we live.  We have so many similar interests in what we want our studios to look like, so it will be an amazing environment.  Expect lots of bugs, creatures, and books.  So in celebration I have been working much much smaller, and have in fact concentrated mostly on drawing.  This has been something I have been wanting to do, so it’s been a nice change of pace and produced some great results.  I experimented with drawing with graphite on maple board, which I have really enjoyed doing. It might create a big enough series to produce a solo show next year at FM*Gallery, but I won’t make any promises on that just yet.



So on top of drawing, and creating some painting studies, I have become determined to create at least one sketch or drawing a day.  Nothing complicated, nor extravagant but something to keep me working.  I have found that I have not worked as hard as I would have liked, so this is the turning point.  So expect lots of drawings and updates, at least once a week.  In fact I’ll state it right here that I plan to have a new post every monday night.  If you don’t see one I give you permission to send me emails yelling at me with disappointment and threats.



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