Tattoos and Creatures in Epic proportions

As my body of work continues to grow for my solo show in September at FM*Gallery, my scale of work does as well.  As I had mentioned in my previous post it is the combination of story telling with tattooed models that I’m working with.  I have become more interested in complex compositions, using more models and movement.  Although the backgrounds will likely tend to still be more subdued it is the multitude of panels, figures, and tattoos that will change the dynamics of the work.  The figures not only will be covered in tattoos, but are no longer subject to just one animal per model.  As with every person we are not subject to one persona, or the contrasted anima/animus.  Our personalities are multi faceted and the new work celebrates such intricacies.

I just had photo shoots with two models, and have several more lined up.  Some are tattoo artists, some are Dominatrixes, and some are teachers.  It is not my plan to depict the tattoo world, but to use tattooed models with their personal symbols with my own to create a more intricate mythology.

I’m currently working on fairly large canvas (42”x78”) that is intended for a side panel for a triptych.  I’ve always been interested in alter pieces and triptychs, but have not fully explored this until now.  I’m looking to create an elaborate wooden frame for all the pieces, so that this particular triptych can stand freely and be arranged in various ways (subject to change).  I will have to find more funding and time to create not only the work, but to be able to frame the pieces as well.  Very excited about such a intricate work, so must keep up the energy and continue the progress.


3 thoughts on “Tattoos and Creatures in Epic proportions

  1. Soooo excited about your in-progress piece! And the one with the bird’s head might be a new favorite. It’s absolutely glowing. Beautiful color choices.

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