Equestrian Parade…

In the last seven months or so, I have re-identified with the use of horses in my work.  The horse first came about in 2004 during my first year of grad school at University of New Mexico, at first inspired by the ever present painting by Henry Fuseli, “The Nightmare”. A Horse represented the lust and want for sexual satisfaction when I first moved to New Mexico. The symbol did not feel right at the time and was not fully realized until about 6 years later when I did a finished drawing entitled “Solid Ride.”  The horse needed to mature from the want of to the actual fulfillment of sexual satisfaction.  It now represents the self empowerment I developed after a necessary break up.  This rediscovered confidence was further fueled by love that grew between my now fiancée and myself.  The symbol of past relationships and their longing feelings, the Rabbit, has now been replaced by the confident and gratified Horse.


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