FM*Club: Artist Talk Series

If you missed the opening of “F*ck Em/ Forgive me”, then join me this thursday (2/2/12) for a great night at FM*Gallery.
Hear what some of the artists have to say about their work for the current exhibition “F*ck Em/ Forgive Me”.  It’s BYOB for a low key but great event.
I will also have my new work on display as well as anything new on the easel.  Have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Follow the link to the FaceBook event below
“All of the artists will talk about their technique, inspiration, and why the heck they did what they did for the F*ck Em show.”The first rule of FM*CLUB.. is that we talk at FM*CLUB.”

This will be the first of monthly sessions where a featured artist will discuss their upcoming work or solo show. Maybe you’ll even see one of them punch a gallery director in the mouth! A great way to find out more about what we are doing at FM*. 
BYOB event – share your booze with me… I’ll share my snacks!”

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