New Images Up. . .

I finally got around to getting some images made of two paintings.

“Anger is a Gift” is a painting of a doll I found in a classroom at the University of New Mexico.  Most people find the doll creepy and disturbing, but I fell in love with it.  I always had plans to paint him, but it wasn’t until recently that I finally did.  At first it was going to be a study for a larger composition, but then became an individual “portrait”.

Anger is a Gift”
Oil on Linen
Available at FM*Gallery

“Prodigal Return” was part of a themed exhibition at FM*Gallery, “F*ck Em/ Forgive Me”.  We were asked to create two of the same size pieces, each reflecting one part of the title.  My F*ck Em piece was “De Kooning” inspired, because I have no love for his work.  So I painted my model in 25 minutes while loosely imitating Willem De Kooning’s “Woman V “.  I explained to Franklin, the director of FM*Gallery, that this piece would not leave the gallery in one piece.  So as part of my “forgiveness”, I would destroy it at the opening.  The “Forgive Me” painting in turn would reflect my more accurate painting technique.  (Watch the video here)

“Prodigal Return”
Oil on Linen
Available at FM*Gallery

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